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“I've been going to Splash® for about six years now, I have had nothing but top quality service, the employees are incredibly knowledgeable. Great customer service. Everyone involved was very professional and understanding. I recommend them to all my friends!”
- Josh and Daisy Jacobs
“Service is prompt, clearly explained, and professionally executed. As long as the car deserved it I always found my way to Splash®. While having many choices locally in car washing, I wouldn't think twice about where to have the job done. The quality, and attention to detail are world-class.”
- Lisa Townsend
“The service is prompt and professional. My vehicle seriously looked like it came out of a magazine when I picked it up. I had no clue, I heard they were good. They're not good, they're the best. I'm proud of my car, I'm proud of their work, and I'm glad I chose them.”
- John Williams

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