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Wash Spot knows that your vehicle is a big investment. How you take care of your vehicles appearance has a direct effect on the overall value. Your car is the second largest purchase next to a home, and maintaining your vehicle will help hold/add value whether selling or keeping your vehicle.


It's important to let the professionals at Wash Spot take care of your car for you. Our staff is fully trained and our managers are certified. We are all committed to making your vehicle the cleanest, shiniest vehicle in Orange County.


Delivering a clean and shiny car at the end of the wash process is no small task. Remember regular car washing makes your car look better, last longer and everyone is just happier driving a clean, shiny car.
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“I've been going to Splash® for about six years now, I have had nothing but top quality service, the employees are incredibly knowledgeable. Great customer service. Everyone involved was very professional and understanding. I recommend them to all my friends!”
- Josh and Daisy Jacobs
“Service is prompt, clearly explained, and professionally executed. As long as the car deserved it I always found my way to Splash®. While having many choices locally in car washing, I wouldn't think twice about where to have the job done. The quality, and attention to detail are world-class.”
- Lisa Townsend
“The service is prompt and professional. My vehicle seriously looked like it came out of a magazine when I picked it up. I had no clue, I heard they were good. They're not good, they're the best. I'm proud of my car, I'm proud of their work, and I'm glad I chose them.”
- John Williams
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